The European Crowdfunding Access Portal (CAP)

CAP is a Pan European network of Crowdfunding Platforms frCROWom different European ecosystems, through which Startups and investors can meet and close deals together.

The European Crowdfunding Access Portal is focused at:

  1. favouring deal scouting across Europe,
  2. facilitating cross border deals and
  3. procuring qualified meetings between investors and entrepreneurs at a European scale.

CAP in NOT just another Equity Crowdfunding Platform in the European scenario; rather, it acts as an aggregator of European projects – hosted on their respective national platforms. It will NOT compete with other European privately run Equity Crowdfunding Platforms, but it will help them (and their projects) to gain exposure to a broader European market. In doing so, CAP will help towards amplifying the audience to whom these projects will be exposed, so increasing their possibility to be fully financed.

This non-competitive nature of CAP makes of it a unique alternative for both European projects and Crowdfunding Platforms to join a global network where cross border deals DO happen.

The idea behind CAP is that Europe may count with a European Common Marketplace where projects from all European countries may be presented to European investors globally. These projects will be (automatically) posted on CAP by their respective national Crowdfunding platforms with which they are already fundraising (the national ecosystem CAP liaison partner).

Thanks to CAP, a project may be fundraising through a Crowdfunding platform in its country of origin whilst, at the same time, be presented to a global network of European investors.