Logo NHLG final-01The Startup Europe Nations High Level Group (SEN HLG) is a European community of national policy makers, programme leaders, officers of EU bodies and Member States (MSs) focused on supporting tech entrepreneurship by establishing an informal, active and collaborative forum for:

  • increasing awareness about tech entrepreneurship
  • better understanding of global tech entrepreneurship trends
  • sharing new policy ideas and regulatory changes
  • sharing best practices among different
  • exploring synergies & collaboration opportunities

With joint action the SEN HLG will be able to foster valuable linkages within the Startup policy making community in EU and to catalyse government actions to shape policy framework for tech entrepreneurship ecosystems. This will enable Startup Europe projects to have a bigger impact and reach in supporting the development of European entrepreneurial tech ecosystem.


The forum will also serve to connect the group members with the tech entrepreneurship community (startups, investors, media, corporates) and thus serve as a helping hand in defining MSs actions on what the startups need, how they should be supported in order to scale up/internationalize, what is successful in practice and help ensure so that the legislation fits the purpose.

In addition the SEN group members will also have the opportunity to promote their best startups with the help of Startup Europe projects. Their startups will be offered to engage with the projects’ activities that will help them grow their business, expand their international business network (16 Startup Europe ecosystems), meet investors and connect with their peer-startups from all across Europe.